tooth fairy owls

We are a family that likes to leave love notes. We also have children in our world who are losing their teeth almost as fast as they’re losing their winter mitts.

Each owl is handcrafted and has a small pocket in the front for teeth, love notes and any other imaginative thing you want to leave for your little person.

These owls have become my favourite birthday and holiday gifts for the little people in my world!

Ps: Oh, and the best thing about these tooth fairy pillows is that you don’t lose the tooth under the pillow!!

owl costs

small owl :           $25

medium owl:        $30

large pillow owl:  $50

bug mobiles

Our handmade mobiles are created using a mixture of thick, colourful felt, felted wool, decorative felt and embroidery thread. Each mobile is completely unique, and the colours and shapes can be made to fit your needs and desires!

If you would like different shapes (hearts, birds or squares) or have a preference for colours, hangers or sizes, please email us and we can discuss details.

Our tooth fairy owls are the ideal gift for little people! They have a small pocket in the front that is perfect for those wee teeth, small notes or even just a treat or two! Each is completely unique and named by my 5 year old son!

mobile costs

"3" bug mobile :         $40

"5" bug mobile:          $50

"circle" bug mobile:   $90

mobile materials

We use high quality 100% wool felt made in Nepal for the front of our balls and for embellishments.  For details and backing, we use Ecofi felt (made from recycled bottles).  For the sticks, we use either dog wood or dowling - depending on availability of the dog wood. Our hangers are made from embroidery thread. Please let us know if you need something more durable.

mobile sizes

Each circle is around 3” in diameter.  The larger circles are 5”-6”, as are the hearts, squares, and birds that you can choose to be in the centre of both the 3 and 5 mobile.

important note

Our bug mobiles are not to be used as toys!  They are handmade and therefore can be pulled apart if roughly tugged upon.  Please use with discretion and keep them out of little people hands!

washing directions

Gently wipe clean when necessary